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Series:  Genshin Impact

Character: Lantern Rite Festiva, New Star Approaches, Unreconciled Stars

Material: Natural Rubber

Product Type: Electronic Accessories

Manufacturer: miHoYo

Dimensions (approx.): 400mm x 700mm

*Official Product*

*Pre-Order* release in End Feb 2021: Unreconciled Stars Desk Mat


Series: Custom Metal Mousepad

Character: Miku Nkano, Tokisaki Kurumi, Itsuka Kotori, Yoshino, Tobiichi Origam, Yatogami Tohka, Tokisaki Kurumi antiquity ver., Takamiya Mio, Izayoi Miku, Natsumi, Itsuka Kotori antiquity ver., Tobiichi Origam antiquity ver., Yoshino antiquity ver., Yatogami Tohka antiquity ver.,                     

Style: Electronic Accessories

Manufacturer: Shamoe 

Dimensions (approx.): 22cm x 18cm 

Material: 1.5mm Aluminum alloy+ o.5mm rubber

Cleaning: Easy to Wash

Life Time: Long


Series: Demon Slayer

Character: Hashibira Inosuke             

Style: Electronic Accessories

Manufacturer: Shamoe 

Dimensions (approx.): 40cm x 70cm 

Material: Non-slip rubber

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