Genshin Impact - Diluc Impression Series: Necklace miHoYo

Type: Accessories

Series: Diluc Impression

Character: Diluc

Product Type: Necklace

Manufacturer: miHoYo

Spec Info:  


  • Main Necklace Length: around 65cm
  • Secondary Necklace Length: around 55cm
  • Metal Tag (at the tail of the chain): around 12mm (1.5mm thickness)
  • Pendant: around 4.5cm (2mm thickness)
  • Stainless Steel Plate: around 4cm x 1cm (1.5mm thickness)
  • Material: copper chain + copper pendant
  • Packing: 1000g gray board + 157 double copper printed red, covered with matte film / suspension box: PE film + PP plastic
  • Craftmanship: polishing + electroplating + laser
  • Packing Box: around 14cm x 14cm x 2.4cm
  1. Please pay attention to safety when using, do not pull excessively as it may cause breakage/
  2. Please avoid product contact with chemicals.
  3. Please avoid contact and friction between the product and hard objects and sharp objects to prevent wear and tear.

*Official Product*

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