Genshin Impact - Furina’s Surintendante Chevalmarin Plushie miHoYo

Type: Plushie

Series: Genshin Impact

Character: Furina’s Surintendante Chevalmarin

Material: 100% polyester fiber

Product Type: Plushie

Manufacturer: miHoYo

Dimensions (approx.): Approximately 345 x 174 mm

*Official Product*


  1. Do not use force to pull during use; Keep away from sources of fire and avoid contact with sharp objects.
  2. Keep dry and avoid contact with corrosive substances or oil stains.
  3. If there are stains on the surface of the doll, it is recommended to wipe it with a damp towel or soft bristled brush dipped in water, and then place it in a ventilated area to dry naturally.
  4. If displayed or collected for a long time, please take measures to prevent moisture, mold, and dust.
  5. The packaging contains important information, please keep it for future use.
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