Tears of Themis - Winter Warming Series Chibi Acrylic Stand miHoYo


Series: Tears of Themis

Character: Luke Pearce (Raven), Artem Wing (Libra), Vyn Richter (Adjucator), Marius von Hagen (King)

Material: Acrylic

Product Type: Acrylic Stand

Manufacturer: miHoYo

Dimensions (approx.):

  • Luke Pearce (Raven): Approximately 77.8 x 69 mm
  • Artem Wing (Libra): Approximately 75 x 70.7 mm
  • Vyn Richter (Adjucator): Approximately 84 x 72 mm
  • Marius von Hagen (King): Approximately 85 x 80.7 mm

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